Wholehearted Presence


Vidya is considered “gifted” and has a keen interest in the nature of people – inside and out.


As a life long learner, she actively pursues her intellectual, philosophical and psychological interests through focused learning of a variety of topics related to optimal functioning and living.


She honors a holistic perspective and recognizes that our individual and collective health is directly correlated to optimal functioning, sense of playfulness, curiosity and creative expression and joy! 



Curious, Creative, Expressive


Vidya loves to create using her hands and is self-taught. She started making custom beaded jewelry for both female and male customers when she was a teen; she now uses a variety of artistic mediums from pen and ink, to watercolor, to canvas acrylic.


Vidya knows and loves food; she is a world-class chef when it comes to creating nutritious organic meals, using food combining, and rotation-eating plans to generate optimal gut and organ/gland health while cultivating energy reserves and a strong immune system.  

Nature's Delight


As a California native, Vidya is happiest in natural settings so that her senses engage with her environment. She is an avid exercise enthusiast and actively engages in a yoga practice, walks, hikes, bikes, swims and weight trains: integrating movement into her daily/weekly lifestyle through the seasons here in Southern California.


Thus, environmental, social and cultural healing traditions of the Goddess are also honored within the context of the sacred wheel of Life.



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