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August 6 - 8, 2021


The Power of You: A Virtual Experience

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Trauma, emotions, stress, spirituality & energy all influence our physical, mental & emotional well-being, but often go unaddressed. Join us to discover ancient practices & cutting edge, science-based solutions that address this missing link.

Working with Vidya isn’t about temporary fixes or just feeling better. Through her gentleness, grace, and incredible wisdom, she helped me recognize and heal some very divisive trauma and constant shame that prevented me from actualizing myself. Some would say Vidya is herself, transformative. She is an incredible therapist, teacher, guide, and most importantly, a caring human being. She taught me what it means to surrender, love, and accept myself fiercely. I have never felt more free, confident, wise, supported, and empowered. I am inspired to be a compassionate role model for others and a peaceful presence as a more complete, well rounded man. –CI


Vidya’s insight into relationships and practical approach to helping me has been transformative. Her process has helped me to heal from the wounds of my childhood and the shame deep in my soul so that I am healthier maintaining personal boundaries and making better choices. My relationships are more genuine, and I am happier caring for myself than I've ever been. I am incredibly grateful to Vidya for this journey. --BG

The depth of therapy I have done with Vidya over the years has changed my life and has healed more parts of me than I could have ever imagined! It’s taken my entire life to finally have found a therapist like her. I feel understood, safe, and empowered. She helped me examine my past traumas fearlessly, forgive my abusers and myself, and helped me to reconnect with my family. I experience less anxiety and panic attacks now, and have better boundaries with others, which have been the hardest for me to change. Through her encouragement, and with practice, I’ve made more milestones to prioritize loving myself with better self-care to realize that I am becoming whole, happy, and on a path toward realizing my dreams. --MR

As women we are always in relationship. As women, we share a special bond; we bare our souls to each other, support and encourage one another. Through our relationships we have a huge capacity for caring connection, mutual empathy, acceptance and love to embody the sacred feminine.

Our relationships are one of the greatest source of happiness, connection and meaning, yet can also be the cause of lasting sadness and regret.

The Sacred Feminine calls us to rise beyond the confined limits of our thinking and our beliefs.
Embodying her, she shows us our multidimensional nature, strengths and healing capacities.

The future of the world depends on the full restoration of the Sacred Feminine in all its
tenderness, passion, divine ferocity, and surrendered persistence.

Join Vidya McNeill MA, Integrative MFT & Shamanic Therapist for an exploration into the Sacred Feminine’s relationship with self and other. Vidya inspires wholeness, creativity, natural lifestyle and authentic spirituality by empowering women so that they can embody a purposeful aware presence in all their circles of connection.

Hosted by Place of Chi

1/2 Apollo St, Warriewood NSW 2102

+61 2 9986 0840

During this enlightening workshop, you will

  • Dismantle the most fundamental barriers to your full empowerment and fulfillment

  • Repair your relational ruptures to strengthen your resilience

  • Cherish and expand your capacity to love, feel and care for your tender heart

  • Celebrate female and male differences while enhancing connection authentically

  • Expand your capacity for compassion and forgiveness

  • Embody the vibrant essence of your being and fall in love with yourself exactly the way that you are

  • Embrace the emergence of your innate wisdom, passion

  • and ecstatic joy

  • Honor your sacred sex as a source of your creativity

Saturday May  6

Sunday, May 7 8:30-12pm

YOGA with Cathy Carr 7:45-8:30am

each morning

Sunday, 1-4pm:

Rite of the Womb

13th Rite of the Munay Ki

                      FREE for All Women & Teens

Sacred Woman

Sausalito CA 94965

Join Vidya McNeill MA, Integrative Therapist for an interactive day of exploration and healing as she guides women to connect deeply to the Sacred Feminine within!


Saturday, August 8th


10am – 4:30pm


Every mother plays a crucial role in her daughter’s life. Yet most mothers never learned how to love well and even the best intentioned often weren’t living from a healed heart.


In today’s age, this primary relationship is often scarred by disconnection and deep wounds. No wound is more charged for women than the mother wound - A girl achieves the inner experience of womanhood by way of initiation by the mother. The daughter’s need for her mother’s love is a primal and driving force, and that need isn’t diminished by its unavailability.


In this experiential workshop, we create a safe beautiful sanctuary to come together and explore this most sacred relationship to shine the light of awareness, empathy and compassion toward resolving our personal and collective pain as women.  



In our time together, we will


  • Honor the feeling body

  • Discover how the mother wound is operating in our lives

  • Dismantle some of the most fundamental barriers to your full empowerment and fulfillment

  • Reclaim your power and belief in your sacred self

  • Use visualization, art and affirmations to get in touch with the life you want to live

  • Acknowledge the blessings of our relationships

  • Enjoy a beautiful sacred atmosphere 

  • Share healthy food as nourishment for our body, hearts and mind





Please Bring your journal or large art pad, colored pencils or pens.

Vidya thank you SO much for that evening! It was so nice to feel surrounded by such love and power with those women there. It was incredibly lovely and I took home a feeling of empowerment, connectedness and love. My mother had a wonderful time too and really enjoyed meeting you. I'm looking forward to letting my love and light shine through everyday life!

KB - Toronto


I wanted to thank you again for the women's workshop you did with us in Toronto at Judy's place. I've made a lot of changes since then and continue to work on being more independent and happy on my own. It was such a powerful evening for me and I couldn't believe how much I got out of it in such a short period of time.  I appreciate you so much, as well as all youoffer to the world.  Thank you!  AC - Toronto