Saturday, May  13   (9-5pm)

Sunday, May 14     (8:30-12pm)


YOGA each morning  (7:45-8:30am)


Sunday,   (1-4pm)

Rite of the Womb

13th Rite of the Munay Ki

FREE for All Women & Teens

Sacred Feminine Rising - Mullumbimby NSW

  • As women we are always in relationship. As women, we share a special bond; we bare our souls to each other, support and encourage one another. Through our relationships we have a huge capacity for caring connection, mutual empathy, acceptance and love to embody the sacred feminine.


    Our relationships are one of the greatest source of happiness, connection and meaning, yet can also be the cause of lasting sadness and regret.


    The Sacred Feminine calls us to rise beyond the confined limits of our thinking and our beliefs. Embodying her, she shows us our multidimensional nature, strengths and healing capacities.

  • Integrative MFT & Shamanic Therapist for an exploration into the Sacred Feminine’s relationship with self and other. Vidya inspires wholeness, creativity, natural lifestyle and authentic spirituality by empowering women so that they can embody a purposeful aware presence in all their circles of connection.