Thank you for registering for The Scared Woman: Transforming our Past, Empowering our Future, Living Authentically Today, Saturday, August 10am - 4:30pm, at the home of Lisa Lewis in her gorgeous Samadhi Sanctuary overlooking the San Francisco Bay. 


We are delighted that you will be joining us for a day of exploration, discovery and healing. 


We encourage you to wear comfortable, natural fiber clothing and bring a cushion to sit on (seating is provided).


Please bring with you to the workshop the following:


  • Something representing your mother (picture or personal item) that we will add to our circle altar.

  • An Art pad and journal; colored pens or pencils

  • A dish or snack to share for our shared potluck lunch (organic and gluten-free)


Please arrive at 9:30am to sign in and get settled. 


I am personally delighted to meet you!


Bright Blessings!




As women, we have been together through time and space, we know and remember the ancient ways. We’ve danced under the moonlight, we have prayed to the fire, we have given birth in the forests, and swam in the Oceans. We are in love with our bodies, hearts and souls. We surrender to Creation, to Nature and in Oneness re-weave the fabric of consciousness.


Samadhi Sanctuary Address and Map Directions:


51 Monte Mar 

Suite 200

Sausalito, CA 94965


(415) 672.2060